During the campaign, we released our District 4 Plan and that Plan will continue to be the document that informs our work. Our focus will continue to be to bring more resources and opportunities to our District. Our priorities this first term will include:

  1. Constituent Services: We will deliver constituent services effectively, efficiently, and creatively:
    • Responsiveness – Please reach out to our office at 617-635-3131 and we will respond within 24-48 hours.
    • Accessibility – We will continue to attend community meetings and open a District office in Spring, 2016.
    • Reliability – We will establish regular in-district coffee hours to meet with residents.
    • Communication – We will send out Council meeting notes and a monthly office newsletter. Sign up here!
  2. Policy Work: District 4 residents’ ideas and experiences will inform our policy work with the overarching goal of creating more equity and opportunity for District 4 residents. This term, we will focus on:
    • Advocating for increased funding and availability of affordable housing;
    • Proactively seeking out resources by building partnerships with individuals, trades and unions, organizations, and foundations to meet the needs of District 4 residents and create more opportunities for them;
    • Developing relationships with District 4 school leaders (and schools where District 4 students attend) to advocate for increased resources and improved capital and programmatic needs;
    • Establishing an agenda for the newly-expanded Boston City Council Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee.